About Us

DTL:ED provides teachers with free PSHE education resources.

About Ditch the Label Education

DTL:ED provides teachers with free PSHE education resources to combat bullying, mental health stigma and unconscious bias by tackling root issues in a classroom setting.

By providing teaching resources which deal with everything from gender stereotypes to digital literacy to mental health, Ditch the Label are revolutionising the way in which schools tackle these issues, empowering young people and teachers to address complex subject matters with ease.

In contrast to other providers, DTL:ED doesn’t depend on guest speakers, traveling workshops or specialist-trained mediators – our programme can be implemented by any teacher, in any school.

All DTL:ED resources are designed with non-expert teachers in mind, providing guidance notes, key definitions, safeguarding advice and comprehensive lesson plans for every lesson – as well as student-facing PowerPoint presentations.

The resources are all completely free, digital, and easy to download, ensuring that what we provide is cost-effective, sustainable and empowering for schools across the country.


About Ditch the Label

Ditch the Label are one of the largest youth charities in the world – supporting thousands of young people every month through our website.

Alongside our support across mental health, relationships and identities, we actively work on the root issues of bullying behaviours to challenge and address societal attitudes, covering all forms of discrimination and stereotyping.

As well as our Education Programme…

1.) We provide support

Each week, thousands of people benefit from our resources and digital one-to-one support. Our team of digital mentors are trained to help young people also navigate through issues related to bullying, identity, mental health and relationships, such as improving mental health, body image, coming out and building confidence and their self-esteem.

2.) We produce world class research

We use science and data to generate evidenced change. Our research is our starting point for innovation and helps us understand the complex dynamics of bullying. Our methodologies range from surveys of 10,000 young people to analysing big data. All of our research is shared with policy makers, charities and other stakeholders.

3.) We create campaigns to positively influence society

To date, we’ve reached over 500 million people with our campaigns – each designed to positively influence how society thinks and behaves. We are here to help young people aged 12-25 navigate the issues affecting them the most; from mental health and bullying to identity and relationships.

To find out more, visit the Ditch the Label website.